Monday, April 28, 2008

Southern Cal Beach Fun

Way back in the beginning of March we went to Southern California. Here are some pictures from our trip. These are the beach pictures. Next post will be of the zoo!

Friday, April 11, 2008

Update time! I am hoping to move this blog into a more daily reader about LOTS of things, rather then just family updates that my mother reads! There are some great things out there that we need to know about! So I'll be brushing off the old journalism dream and posting more- don't quote me on that! But for now here are the updates:

Our house before the ripe out! Sooooo ugly (but thankful!!)

Our house after the clean up! It's almost pretty! We are thinking about paint colors and landscape ideas. We also have the hard shale (extremly hard sandstone rock) that is just below the surface. NOTHING will grow in it! Couple more trees out and we will be almost there.

After 7 years of dreaming, 3000 hours of internet searching, Steve has his dream truck! It's a '68 Chevy Long bed and such and such. Maybe he can do a post about it. He litterally knows EVERYTHING about this truck. Thank God!

Took the girls to Daffodil Hill again this year. Love it there.

That's all for now. Promise to update soon.



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