Saturday, January 26, 2008


There is a lot of growing going on around here. Not all good I might add.... Today I did something amazing: When others where tucking in their shirts... I was tucking in my 'growing' I've done over the last months. And no smarties- I'm not pregnant! SIGH...

I think this means I need to exercise. I hate exercise. I hate it when others say " I feel so great after I run and I have so much energy." Me? I feel like death and want to sleep... Ahh, life's big question looms: How do I loose weight without doing anything??

I'm just kidding. I know I need to exercise (yuck).

Isn't interesting how closely our lack of endurance with weight mimics our Christian walk? So often we seem to just float along, nibbling here and there from the world. Not eating and drinking the Word of God or running our race? Then one day we look down and our fat pants don't fit? Our flesh has multiplied and taken over? Why is it we think that one little cookie won't hurt? Or one peek at Grey's Anatomy on ABC won't really matter? We're just watching for the medical stuff right???

Time and time again I am reminded that I can't just walk the line. It's no good to be *almost* Christ-like. Just like it's no good to be almost in a 4, err I mean a 6.... Ok Ok a 8! Snap!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Just Pictures

So lots of pics for your viewing enjoyment! The girls are growing like weeds!

Pictures Pictures and more Pictures....


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