Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Gay-ce Dn Pa-ya!

Hello Hello! What have we been up to you ask? Well in the last 24 hours: I made two turkeys, spent 6+ hours editing photo session, Gracie made 2 Thanksgiving crafts, Courtney managed to smear poop and then glue all over herself but also managed to use the potty 2 times without help (!), Steve has cleaned the garage (again) and finished 5 loads of laundry. Oh yeah- last Friday I decided to rip out the old kitchen floor while Steve was at work and with Tara's help, replace it! Why two turkeys you ask? For my church's outreach tomorrow! Why the wedding photo? I thought you might like it .
In other breaking news: My new photography site is almost up and running!!! Gracie can read small words, and Courtney is talking in full sentences, although a bit hard to understand! Yesterday she walked around the house saying "My name is Gracie Dawn Pera." Which sounded like this: "Mew nam its Gay-ce Dn Pa-ya!" Too cute. Last night over our meal of lamb Gracie asked: "Mummy, did some shooter man use a gun and dead this lamb?" My answer? "Yep." It's a cruel cruel world out there people...


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