Friday, September 7, 2007

Here we are!

OK- so I've totally slacked on the blog lately... but with reason! We bought a house!! Can you believe it??? I still can't.

It's been so much fun watching the girls play in the new back yard that we call 'Pera Park.' All of their friends come over to play. We are planning on a swing set soon, in time for Gracie's 4th birthday.

So other big news.... I turned the big 2-5. Yep. 25. It was a hard for me. But I can't begin to tell you how wonderful my friends are here in Jackson. They threw me a surprise party and I totally fell for it!! My mom got me so good. I had no idea. Tara, Martha, Elizabeth, and Annie I love you. AND the most wonderful surprise of the night, was seeing Courtney and Ashley from Santa Rosa! They drove the whole way just for my party. You better believe I cried. I have never felt so loved and spoiled. I would post photos but I don't have any yet.

Also Taylor and Shannon tied the knot. We were all in the wedding and that is another blog in and of it's self! She was the most beautiful bride and Taylor was so very romantic. Buy the DVD when it comes out. You'll love it. OK... there is a lot more but I'll just post photos for now and add more later. Also there should be new photos on the photography blog. Love Ya!

Here's Tate and Shannon
One of Court I did yesterday

And a few my mom took while ahe was here.


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